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From Amancio Hasty <>
Subject Re: MS IIS and Apache feature war
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 01:39:15 GMT

> And i think we can use Tomcat for backend server, as long as the server
> giving out data about server status, config files and so on, supports a well
> defined protocol like RMI or CORBA, the website should be more or less a
> briese to prototype, but im talking about something that works, against the
> admin server hosting info on a protocol where applications supporting that
> protocol and those objects can connect to gather info, and set info in
> tomcat.

Oh, I stop very very short describing what the interface that  I wrote was for;however,
I can  say that it was sort of a  channel program guide to a massive distributed

For now , I would focus mainly on the xml data files and what the HTML/Javascript interface
should be . Something real easy like providing a container or adapter to 
logically manipulate  the xml data stores. The container class can 
have something like an authorization and connection tokens which for a 
local file  can be just the xml file or group of xml files . The container/adaptor
class can be used by a servlet or a network service in other words it does
not have to be tied to a servlet. At any rate , I wrote something like that
to configure dhcpd servers  using a servlet / html and the classes
to manipulate the dhcpd configurations are not tied to servlets,  html nor



 Amancio Hasty

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