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From Freddie Mendoza <>
Subject Re: Tomcat with Apache
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
> 	We have Apache 1.3.9 running on UNIX Solaris 2.6.
> 	We want to use JSPs in our project. We have downloaded Tomcat which
> supports JSP and Servlets.
> 	Tomcat runs independantly as a Web Server and we are able to execute
> JSPs and servlets.
> 	But we want to run Tomcat as an add-on to the Apache Web Server.
> Only for JSPs and Servlets the requests should be processed by the Tomcat
> engine.
> 	How do we do this.

Go to

there's a few caveats that I have added for those who have downloaded
the Linux RPM. Looks like the classes are all jar'ed up in webserver.jar.
Therefore the the server.xml that the Startup class uses is not seen
as a file.

The workaround was to use the wrapper.class.parameters in
the Unfortunately with the stock mod_jserv
it does not work. I've made some mods to some files in the 
mod_jserv so that the wrapper.class.parameters works.

You should be able to point it to where your server.xml resides.
And example would be 
wrapper.class.parameters=-config /etc/httpd/conf/server.xml

I can email the files to anyone who wish to apply them
to their mod_jserv code.

Should I also email the changes I made to whoever maintains
the mod_jserv code? Or is this point moot since it will change in future

Freddie  Mendoza    
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