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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat RELEASE-INFO
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 20:01:48 GMT
akv         00/01/06 12:01:48

  Added:       .        RELEASE-INFO
  Add release structure and rules document. Initial version.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-INFO
  Tomcat Repository and Release Structure
  We will have the following types of releases (or builds):
     1 Final releases. These will be of the form x.y.
     2 Milestone releases. These are of the form x.yMz. Milestone
       releases are not supposed to be used in production
       environments. Before final releases of the form x.y there will be
       milestone builds. (We will define what the milestones are for
       Tomcat 3.1.) 
     3 Bug fix releases (after final releases). These will have two '.'s
       in them. People that care about production use will pick x.y.z
       where 'y' indicates the last stable release and the greatest
       value of 'z' that is available. There will be no milestone
       releases between a final release and subsequent bug fix
     4 Nightly releases. These are volatile "dynamite" builds. These are
       just for the current branch and not between a final release and
       subsequent bug fix releases.
  Miscellaneous points:
  1 Everything except nightly releases are tagged. 
  2 Patches should be submitted with a tag, unless it is obvious. 
  3 Source drops will be available for the last stable release and the
    current main branch. 
  4 The PMC (with feedback and involvement on tomcat-dev) decides if it
    is a "go" for a final or bugfix release.
  Release names are of the form x.y[.z]:
  x: API version changes (x >= 3)
  y: Non-API features (y >= 0)
  z: Bug fixes (z >= 0 and is ommitted if z == 0)
  See the following tree for the Tomcat plan. The goal is to meet 3.1 by
  ApacheCon. A proposal for the feature list for 3.1 (and its
  milestones) will come later.
         	       	       	       	 / \	   
  			       	/   \	   
  			     3.1M1  3.0.1  
  			      /	      \	   
  			     / 	       .   
   			   3.1M2       	.  
   			   /   		 \ 
  			  /    		  \
  		    /  \       
         	       	   .   	\      
  	       	  .    3.1.1   
  	       	 .	  \    

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