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From Freddie Mendoza <>
Subject Re: Posting automated builds to (was:
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
> With the resulting executables: Watchdog passes 100% of both the servlet
> and jsp tests.  Tomcat-test passes all but bigDeclaration.jsp, which also
> fails on SunOS.

I was just wondering, when I ran Watchdog on a dual processor
machine, I get intermittent 100% pass rate but I also get
intermittent failures. Actually I only ran it about 4 times and
I only got 100% pass only one time. The 3 other runs had failures.

Makes me think there may be some multi processor related problems

Do you guys run the Watchdog on single or multi processor machines ?

Freddie  Mendoza    
A search engine for the Price Conscious

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