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From <>
Subject Tomcat and SSL support
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 08:20:43 GMT
IS there any plans on getting SSL support into Tomcat.  I was looking
around SUN's site and saw a early-access Secure Socket API package, but
when it goes into full release, is there any plans on adding the support
for it?

I was also looking into the Servlet API that came with JSWDK and the
version that I have is 1.0.1 and the Servlet API that came with tomcat and
the API are different.  The one thing I saw was the isSecure method in the
HttpServletRequest class, but in the JSWDK 1.0.1 that is not in there.  I
tried to compile the SnoopServlet that came with tomcat under the JSWDK
and it did not compile.  Can someone please enlighten me?

The last thing I have to say/ask is, I got Apache 1.3.9, mod_ssl, and
Jserv all running on and NT machine and it is all working, but my question
is that if someone viewing my site over SSL and access a servlet, is the
information that is passed to the servlet secure since it seems that the
nformation is passed through to Tomcat via TCP/IP on port 8007( the Ajp12
connector )?

- Daniel D

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