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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject [PATCH] Remove HTTPServer
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 13:02:23 GMT

This is a major patch. It is a result of the discussion Costin and I had
about the role of the HttpServer class. The patch achieves a number of

- Deletes, and
These are no longer required since HTTP operation is just another type of
connector - nothing special.
- Defines a new exception, TomcatException, to be used for general Tomcat
exception conditions. Some of the "throws Exception" usage is replaced with
"throws TomcatException"
- Removes the address, port and hostname attributes from contextManager.
These are properties which should be supplied by the connector over which
the connection is made.
- Changes the server.xml syntax. It removes the port, hostname, etc from the
context manager
- Adds the concept of named context managers to distinguish multiple context
managers and their work areas.
- Introduces a new class, TomcatServer, to hold multiple contextManagers
(this is a replacement for one of HttpServer's nominal functions)
- Fixes to use ContextManager rather than HttpServer
which didn't work anyway.

There is more to come (connector updates, define some constants, cleanup,
javadocs) but this patch is pretty big already. In particular I need to work
out the new tomcat.xml/ stuff to adjust it correctly. I
have probably broken that part for now but the main tests and watchdog seem
to pass OK (I get some errors under watchdog but these are the same as
before this patch :-)

I'm including the diffs and the new files as attachments rather than just
cutting and pasting into this message as I think that will be clearer.

Let me know if you have any comments.


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