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From Alexander Jesse <>
Subject RE: MS IIS and Apache feature war
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:31:58 GMT

> Let's get real, and let's get rid of those marketing craps... We're
> open-source developers.
But this would not exclude to have a "open-mind" or independent group
of marketing-people try to do some marketing for the better solution.

Let's face it: Today it is NOT the better solution to win in the end, but the one with the
better marketing.
(There are Far too many examples for this: OS/2 is just one of them)

The problem I see is, that the marketing-people might have requirements
that uncomfortable for the techies (read developers).

I work in a company where I observe skilled IT-personal to choose a
solution for some cheap intranet-site just based on the hassle needed to
get the site online. Usually the end up with the following setup:
Windows NT, IIS and Frontpage. AND they KNOW and ADMIT that it is not the best solution!

Maybe the marketing should organize a separate "open-source" project and
feed their additional requirements through the normal channels to the
technical developer-project.

Alexander Jesse

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