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From "Danno Ferrin" <>
Subject Re: Jsp scripting elements revisited
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 04:56:56 GMT

<> wrote:

> I'll probably do that as an initial step, but my real interest is in
> usurping the meanings of things like <% %> while still providing a
> syntax which can be safely emitted by tags.
> I'm envisioning non-Java scriptlets to be essentially templates/quoting
> mechanisms which contribute Java code to the servlet.  This code will do
> the necessary mapping between Java and the language in question.
> The hard issues to work through are dealing with things like nested tags,
> and collecting together the script fragments into a whole.

Usurping the meaning of a core element like that means you are changing the
spec.  The very need to describe an action as usurping is revolutionary to
the core.  Start a revolution and post the existing code so we can see if
the two can co-exists.  Tomcat is a refrence implementation, not a
production implementation.  If you want to do that go start a code fork, the
lincese allows it.  But it dosen't appear to me that you need to do what you
are trying to do to <% %>, if you could keep needed state information in
page attributes then you could jsut make a taglib:
  <beanscripting:expression language="NetRexx"> foo( 'bar')
and use the suggestions in section 5.8.1.  Remember, the implementation of
jsp:expression was a bug to begin with, and a progammer can never depend on
bugs not getting fixed.


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