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From "Raffaello Giulietti" <>
Subject tomcat and mod_ssl
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 11:16:48 GMT
Dear tomcat-dev,

I successfully installed and ran Tomcat 3.0 with Apache 1.3.9 + mod_ssl 2.4.10 on Solaris

However, even if the configuration runs wihtout crashes, as soon as I start Apache with SSL
enabled, I get a warning that could crash because it has not been compiled with
the -EAPI flag. This happens only with SSL enabled and does not happen when Apache is started
without SSL.

Although the configuration works, I'm a little bit concerned about the warning and I would
like to be sure that nothing bad as a crash happens.

In fact, I downloaded directly from the Jakarta site as a binary file. I built
Tomcat according to the README file and simply copied the binary to the libexec
file in the Apache directory as described in the Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO file.

Could you explain me how to compile with this -EAPI flag enabled, or could you
substitute the binary on your site with a -EAPI compiled one?

Sorry, I'm not an expert hacker, I just follow the instructions given in the INSTALL and README
files without understanding too much what I'm really doing.

Thanks in advance

Raffaello Giulietti

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