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From "Arne Christian Hårseth" <>
Subject Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
Date Sun, 16 Jan 2000 13:23:09 GMT

After successfully downloading and installing Apache 1.3.9 and Tomcat 3.0 on
a Windows NT system I have a few comments about the Tomcat+Apache HOWTO
guide found in the Faq-o-matic
ll/project_id/2/faq_id/12>. Maybe these comments can help you to make a
better howto for installing on NT.
Download and installation of Tomcat:
Tomcat is not found in
<><os>/<platform> as
stated in the howto but in
<>. The howto
and the readme for this zip file did not give instructions on how to install
tomcat so I just unzipped the file to the directory D:/tomcat, and this
seemed to work.
Mod_jserv is not found in
es> but in
v.dll>. The reference to mod_jserv is a bit confusing since it is referenced
as "Apache JServ module" on the download page (under "What is available
here?") and mod_jserv is not used as file name or directory name in the file
The ApacheModuleJServ.dll should not be copied to
"/path/to/apache-1.3.9/libexec for a Win32 install" but to
/path/to/apache-1.3.9/modules (there is no libexec catalog for a Win32
Adding Contexts:
It seems like the a) option is not complete. In addition to modifying the
tomcat.conf the server.xml must also be modified.
And finally one last comment about running  Tomcat and Apache. This might
not be the right place to give such a comment but I give it a try anyway.
Having to restart Tomcat and Apache each time you introduce a new web
application (jsp and/or servlet in its own context) is a very bad thing in a
production environment. I hope this can be fixed in the future.

Best regards
Arne Christian Hårseth

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