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From jon * <>
Subject yet another pain in my rear
Date Wed, 01 Dec 1999 06:42:26 GMT

So, it seems as though it turns out that Zip files created with* don't have a way to mark the ZipEntry's as being a certain
type, ie: the file is TEXT or BINARY. So, what does this screw up? Well, if
you take the .zip file that is created on a PC and copy it over to a unix
box and then use unzip on it (even with the -a option), then the text files
are not properly unzipped because they will have stupid ^M's in the text
files. Note that if I zip the same exact directory with WinZip and move it
over to a unix box then unzip -a works perfectly!

ZipEntry has a setExtra() method in it with absolutely no documentation on
it. getExtra() always seems to return null, even on files that have been
created with WinZip, so it is difficult to see where I'm supposed to
actually define that a file is of type TEXT or BINARY.

Arg. Anyone (especially at Sun), can you get me more information on this? I
have been trying to search the JDC bug database, but haven't found anything
relevant to this issue.

I would like the Ant Zip task to work properly.



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