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Subject Re: Team building
Date Wed, 15 Dec 1999 03:20:23 GMT

Stephano wrote:

>1) _don't expect_ anything. Some of you guys are paid to follow this up,
>some of us are not! But even those who get paid, don't get paid to
>integrate bug fixes alone, that's a team effort.

Speaking from recent experience, it hard / confusing / frustrating when you
are not a part of the team.

>2) silence is not bad, lack of patience is. We live scattered around the
>world and, yes, it may happen that some of us don't even get online for
>ISP problems for a day or two. Or maybe, damn it, they decided to get a
>life instead and went skying with their girlfriends.

I disagree.  Silence is bad.  I do agree that patience (or rather
persistence) is a virtue.

Something is seriously wrong with the organization if it is possible for
any one person to "get a life" and in so doing cause a project to stop
dead.  The fault is not with the person in question, the fault is with the

When I first was became interested in PHP, the original developer got a
life - actually a wife - and was on his honeymoon.  The project hardly
skipped a beat given all the activity.

The answer isn't more patience.  It is more active contributors.

One argument against this is the need to conform to an external
specification.  One way to address this is to more closely monitor watchdog
for unintential regressions without prior justifications.

>3) this is a dynamic process. If you don't like something: speak up. If
>you think you could do a better job, do it. If you like a feature to add
>and other don't, fight and stand up.

Again, this only applies once you are a part of the team.  But them again,
perhaps I may have missed your point - your story essentially describes a
Coup d'├ętat.  Is that what you are suggesting here?

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