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From John Tashiro <>
Subject Tomcat+Apache
Date Thu, 30 Dec 1999 22:17:31 GMT
I am having trouble configuring Tomcat for Apache 1.3.9 using mod_jserv.

1) I had to recompile (sparc 2.6) and moved it into

2) How do I specify properties to tomcat?  For Jserv, I used to define zones, classpath, etc.

3) How does Java get started - in process or out of process?  While
apache starts, it seems that there is no Java

4) I am getting the following error when trying to access

(EMERGENCY)  ajp12: can not connect to host
(EMERGENCY)  ajp12: connection fail
(ERROR) an error returned handling request via protocol "ajp12"

I think this means that there isn't a corresponding connector on 8007 -
is this correct, and if so, how do I get something on it?


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