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From "Brian Homrich" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat & Apache together
Date Mon, 27 Dec 1999 05:50:59 GMT

I'm not an Apache guru, but I've done some mucking about in httpd.conf

There seems to be some leeway where Apache finds the module, so you have
some options here (as I said, I'm not a guru;  I just know what works in my
current server.)

1-- When you give the LoadModule  directive to Apache in httpd.conf, you can

specify a fully qualified path to the  I have this

LoadModule /usr/lib/apache/
(I'm playing with a couple servlet environments...)

2-- If  you don't use an absolute path, Apache uses the directory you
installed to as the base. (for me, it's /usr/local/apache for 1.3.9
install.)  I just put in /usr/local/apache/libexec/, and my
httpd.conf says:

LoadModule jserv_module libexec/

Now all I need to do is get Tomcat to stay running (Something in my
configuration isn't right...)

Hope that helps,

Brian Homrich

"G.W. Estep II" wrote:

> Please forgive me if this is a simple problem but I'm new to Apache and
> Tomcat so bear with me.
> .... Bulk of note deleted ....

> So based on the above, my system is capable of running both and I'm just
> not doing something
> right in the Apache configuration OR my assumption is wrong about only
> having to run Apache
> with the module included.
> Can someone please help a newbie out?
> Thanks,
> GW
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