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From Assaf Arkin <>
Subject Re: resource-ref in web.xml
Date Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:05:07 GMT
> Second, I lacked tons of class libraries. I am running linux and I had
> not downloaded j2ee. So I lacked things like javax.naming and
> javax.transaction. At this stage I should perhaps mention that I haven't
> worked with things like jndi and jta before and I have only briefly
> touched uppon ejb. However, I consider all these things to be important
> in my future work.

Sorry about that. The next release will also include the necessary J2EE

> My problem now is that the new server.xml does not match the dtd. I
> tried to change the dtd in $TOMCAT_HOME/etc/server.dtd, but I can make
> it work. I haven't done dtd's before but I think perhaps that the code
> uses a dtd from some other place.

Precisely. I've added the Interceptor element but the dtd did not make
it to the tar.

Thanks for the input, I'm going to build another tar later today and
include all the missing files, plus the changes (I just
realized I might also need to change and


> I changed the dtd to:
> # diff ../tomcat.orig/etc/server.dtd etc/server.dtd
> 8c8
> < <!ELEMENT ContextManager (Context+, Connector+)>
> ---
> > <!ELEMENT ContextManager (Context+, Interceptor+, Connector+)>
> 26a27,31
> >
> > <!ELEMENT Interceptor EMPTY>
> > <!ATTLIST Interceptor
> >     className CDATA #REQUIRED
> >     docBase CDATA #REQUIRED>
> - Jesper
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