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From Jesper Jørgensen <>
Subject Re: resource-ref in web.xml
Date Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:15:30 GMT
Assaf Arkin wrote:
> I've set up the tomcat-txm package and it's available for download from:
> The package includes a slightly modified version of Tomcat that
> integrates with TXM. TXM is the transaction processing monitor that
> provides support for resource factories, JDBC connection pooling, and
> JNDI environment naming context. The next version will also add support
> for JMS.
> You should open up this package in a separate directory, then copy it's
> contents to an existing Tomcat directory. This will replace
> webserver.jar and You should include the Interceptor element
> in your server.xml as it appears in this distribution. The other JARs
> and configuration files should be installed in the tomcat directory.
> Basically you have to define the resources you plan to use in both the
> Servlet's web.xml file (as references) and resources.xml (the actual
> resource specification, pool, visibility, etc).
> There is a README file that explains all the steps in detail, as well as
> sample web.xml and
> Let me know how well it goes :-)

Okay, first report.

Changed following in




Second, I lacked tons of class libraries. I am running linux and I had
not downloaded j2ee. So I lacked things like javax.naming and
javax.transaction. At this stage I should perhaps mention that I haven't
worked with things like jndi and jta before and I have only briefly
touched uppon ejb. However, I consider all these things to be important
in my future work.

I finally got the classes from a solaris version of the j2ee reference
implementation. I would expect them to be more easily available, does
anyone know another way of getting these libraries ?

My problem now is that the new server.xml does not match the dtd. I
tried to change the dtd in $TOMCAT_HOME/etc/server.dtd, but I can make
it work. I haven't done dtd's before but I think perhaps that the code
uses a dtd from some other place.

I changed the dtd to:

# diff ../tomcat.orig/etc/server.dtd etc/server.dtd 
< <!ELEMENT ContextManager (Context+, Connector+)>
> <!ELEMENT ContextManager (Context+, Interceptor+, Connector+)>
> <!ELEMENT Interceptor EMPTY>
> <!ATTLIST Interceptor
>     className CDATA #REQUIRED
>     docBase CDATA #REQUIRED>

- Jesper

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