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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: I feel sideswiped here.
Date Sat, 18 Dec 1999 17:17:30 GMT
Jason Hunter wrote:
> wrote:
> >
> > There was no vote, but Anil did post a note entitled "To all
> > comitters" on the fourteenth stating his intent.
> The mail only said: "Since we are preparing for a Tomcat 3.0 release,
> please be very careful what you check in."
> > Personally, it doesn't affect me much
> > one way or another as I will continue to build from CVS.
> Anyone interested in setting up a production site (as I am) needs a
> guaranteed stable release to use.  A release without tester
> agreement or "soak time" is shocking.  Were this release to have
> happened to a normal corporate project, the QA manager would be livid!
> I propose all future releases must pass a vote, and must soak for a
> minimum of two business days during which we ask members of the lists
> (including ourselves) to attempt to find and submit any showstopper
> bugs.  If any showstoppers are found, they will be fixed and the two-day
> soak begins again.

It might be worth a brief description of the Apache release process:

a) A "Release Manager" is appointed - its their job to push the process
along, make sure all showstopper bugs have been fixed, decide when test
tarballs are made, and so forth.
b) Periodic beta tarballs are rolled and announced
c) Feedback is used to fix bugs
d) A final tarball is rolled when everyone agrees that the server is
ready to release, usually a date is set some days in the future.

It may be worth looking at the full description of the release process,
which has had considerable thought put into it:




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