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From Assaf Arkin <>
Subject Re: resource-ref in web.xml
Date Thu, 16 Dec 1999 22:01:04 GMT
We've been working on integrating these J2EE features into Tomcat,
specifically the JNDI namespace, JDBC data sources and JTA
UserTransaction. Hopefully it will be up and running by Jan 10. The
back-end is already there, the glue code is only partially done.

If any one is willing to help with the integration, the back-end is
available for anonymous access from


Jesper Jxrgensen wrote:
> Hi All,
> Saw that the first release build is out, great...
> I've been poking through the code and specs to learn how I can benefit
> from the "resource-ref" tag and "resource" concept in the servlet 2.2. I
> find it very usable to be able to specify resource factories at
> deployment time. I seems that the current tomcat code does not make any
> use of it so I started wondering how to actually reach a resource from a
> servlet or jsp page. This is not so clear from the spec. I figure that
> the most natural way is through the ServletContext.getResource method,
> but the implementation of this only looks for files web-app file space.
> What are the plans with this feature in tomcat, have I misunderstood the
> specs ?
> According to the specs, a non-J2EE compliant container does not have to
> implement this feature (along with ejb-ref and env-entry, sec. 9.9 p45
> of first public release spec.), so I don't expect to find an
> implementation of it in tomcat (yet). I am mostly interested in the
> plans on this matter.
> Ciao,
> Jesper Jorgensen, CAPUT
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