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Subject Re: To all committers...
Date Tue, 14 Dec 1999 22:50:10 GMT
> I   positiveClose   : FAIL - error in filereader

It's a bad test ( IMHO) - it needs to be fixed.

>    positiveExtends : FAIL -

That is running ok for me, check:
( there are still few build problems there...)

Try a clean update ( rm, co ), most problem were fixed
( bad tests, NotABug)

> At this point, Linux/1.2 also reports that Test 11 fails and then hangs.
> Windows/1.1 proceeds on to pass the remainder of the tests.

It passes for me, but a hang is really bad - even if it probably has something
to do with the JVM ( BTW, do you have a  biprocessor ? Try with green and
native - and see if it hangs, I saw something similar)


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