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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Date Wed, 08 Dec 1999 11:34:51 GMT
Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> > Ok... But let's avoid another "Jakarta" like situation :) (my friends @
> > Sun are going to kill me now :)
> Jakarta has no relation here.. I guess you are referring to making Project
> X available under the Apache license. In that case let's not talk JUST
> about  Jakarta here ;). All this is aprt of the learning curve of how to
> make these things happen.

I was talking about the five months that passed between the Jakarta
announcement and its code drop... I know it was not all Sun's fault...
Did you noticed the :) :) in my phrase???

> > I perfectly agree that we shouldn't be focused on a particolar
> > implementation of a technology, but, after spending 6 months at IBM, I
> > feel xerces like a little part of myself, that's why I like it...
> I share the exact same feelings about Project X after being on it for a year
> now. ;) but I still manage to control that emotion when people make comments
> like "damn that bloody project x"...;)...

Did I say "damn that bloody project x"???? Uh ... I bet it was
surrounded by smileys and I hope nobody was offended by it. I'm sorry if
someone did...

> > When I said "kick those classes out" I was in fact meaning the JAXP RI
> > classes, I wasn't talking about the parser...
> I don't think so.. See what you wrote above ;)... Anyways I don't really
> want to start nit picking so let's just end this here on the good note that
> JAXP RI EA1 is out and I have the classes for xerces-J and have even made the
> code changes to ant for that.. (Will soon be doing it for tomcat too) and thus
> we don't have to worry about the parser.. You get to use xerces and I get
> to use Project X and we both can be happy about using it with Ant and
> Tomcat.. ;)...

I'm happy now that the RI is out... I'm trying it out right now... I
think I found a couple of bugs, but I'll tell later on if they're true
ones or not.. (wish I had the sources!)

> P.S. thanks for the feedback on the spec. They are really valuable..

More to come, don't worry... Let me finish some stuff here (pack,
basically, I'm going to italy) and I'll try to send some more feedback!

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