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Subject Re: Snapshot and build problems
Date Tue, 07 Dec 1999 07:30:09 GMT
Paul Philion wrote:

> Greetings all...
> First, there seems to be some problems with the snapshot system.
> Specifically, when I download the tomcat snapshot I get a directory
> structure like:
>     jakarta-tomcat/
>         build/
>         CVS/
>         jakarta-tomcat/
>         jakarta-tools/
>         jakarta-watchdog/
> So it looks like the jakarta-tomcat snapshot contains everything,
> including the build directory (which takes up over 3 meg uncompressed).
> I don't mind downloading the entire package at once, but I would prefer
> not to have the build directory part of that download.

I'll fix the snapshots - you can also try to get everything from CVS.
( next week I'll have a normal network connection again - it's very hard
on modem from a hotel room :-(

About compile errors - it shouldn't happen...
What OS/JVM/compiler are you using ( versions, etc) ?

I build it with 1.1.6 up to 1.2, kaffe an jikes and I had no problems -
so please help me debug this one. Try to get sources from CVS
( jakarta-tomcat and jakarta-tools are enogh, then use build.bat/sh)


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