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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 21:26:01 GMT
Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> > So, get a move to get that four classes out or I'll get mad :) I am
> > ready to use them in StyleBook, but I CANNOT TEST THEM UNTIL THE R.I. IS
> > OUT! grrrrrrrrrrr :)
> Hang in there... Should be out REAL soon.. btw it is more than just 4
> classes . It comes with a parser...

Ok... But let's avoid another "Jakarta" like situation :) (my friends @
Sun are going to kill me now :_

> > Ok, ok... but i am talking about RIGHT NOW, or better, yesterday night,
> > when I wanted to try out Ant to build StyleBook, and I didn't want to
> > install another XML parser in my classpath... Why should I have 4
> > parsers that do the same exact thing installed? I currently have
> > OpenXML, Xerces and XML4J... I don't want to add also ProjectX (I'm
> > lazy!), so, I kicked those classes out. :)
> Also when you already have 3 why not the 4th ;)... Just kidding.. I know
> what you mean.... But I am putting the effort into xerces too. I could
> very easily give the same argument like you above but IMHO it's not that bad
> having to learn to use more than one parser and especially contribute to them
> ( yes you could contribute  to Project X by submitting any bug report /
> feedback about the parser/src to as of now..). Your
> passion should be for xml technologies and not for a particular implementation
> of it.. This ofcourse is my opinion about it...

I perfectly agree that we shouldn't be focused on a particolar
implementation of a technology, but, after spending 6 months at IBM, I
feel xerces like a little part of myself, that's why I like it... 

> "Kicking" those classes out
> isn't the solution IMHO... Anyways all these differences will hopefully be
> solved once we have the JAXP RI out there.. People will have the choice of
> the parser they want to use without having to change the code..

When I said "kick those classes out" I was in fact meaning the JAXP RI
classes, I wasn't talking about the parser...

> As for making Project X  available it's with the legal folks right now.. I am
> waiting for the new license to come through..

Great... Looking forward to see it..... :)


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