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Subject Ant
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 19:40:06 GMT

I have few changes to ant - I want to get rid of OS-specific  defines in

build.xml and clean the "property" hack.

There are few changes, and I want your feedback:

- add task - it will read,, and ~/
All OS specific directories should be here:
-  build.compiler
-  package.dir = where to put "packages" ( i.e. ftp pub or http
accessible  directory )
-  build.dir = temp directory for build ( can be ../build )
-  dist.dir = where to install dist - c:\Program Files or /opt or ~/opt
Also, it will define TSTAMP and DSTAMP ( YYYYMMDD - like in the nightly
builds )

- add task - it will do exactly the same as the <property>

- Change if a "init" target is defined, that will be
executed allways
before anything else.
All <property/> and <defaultProperties/> defines will be here.
A good ideea would be to have TaskDef in the init section too ( with a
TaskDef task ).

Also, please take a look at src/bin/ant - I use it allways instead of
script. It will set CLASSPATH and invoke ant - it know how to follow
and find the correct ANT_HOME. If someone can write a BAT equivalent we
can get rid of all and use ant with a simple command (
like  make).

The idea is to simplify the nightly builds ( no more shell scripts,
everything can be done
in portable ant ), and to use ant like a normal tool ( i.e. install and
use instead of checking
out jakarta-tools and have a hard-coded directory hierarchy).
( something like rpm or deb )

Let me know if it make sense to you.


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