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From Anil V <>
Subject Re: TLD bodycontext meaning
Date Sun, 05 Dec 1999 01:45:46 GMT
Yep, I know this is a bug in Tomcat's JSP engine. We need to add a parse method which, if the
content type is tagdependent, will treat it as character data. This parse method can then
be invoked recursively like it is right now.

Danno Ferrin wrote:

> The bodycontent element in the Tag library definition has three values.
> Empty is handled by jasper by forcing the content of the tag to be empty
> JSP is handeled by making the content parsed by Jasper
> But what about tagdependent?  In Jasper it appears to me that it is synonymous with JSP,
with taglib tags being processed and JSP elements being parsed and executed as well.  The
spec is less than clear as to how tagdependent could be handled but a strong arguement can
be made for the literal copying of the content to the close tag.  Am I mis-reading the spec?
> thanks,
> --Danno
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