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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Date Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:56:05 GMT
Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> Hi Pier,
>         Project X is also FREE ;).. That apart I have the JAXP classes
> ready for xerces and have already moved the code on ANT to use the API.. So
> now you don't have to worry about which parser to use ;).. Am
> only waiting for the JAXP classes to be released from Sun so that  I can go
> ahead and check them in (ofcourse after making the proposal on the mailing
> list).

So, get a move to get that four classes out or I'll get mad :) I am
ready to use them in StyleBook, but I CANNOT TEST THEM UNTIL THE R.I. IS
OUT! grrrrrrrrrrr :)

> On a separate note which I am sure you are already aware of is that
> Project X is also going to be donated to xml.apache .org. It's just a
> matter of time now... So it is going to be TRUELY free. ;).. Also if you
> have faced any problems with the parser please do let us know about it..

Ok, ok... but i am talking about RIGHT NOW, or better, yesterday night,
when I wanted to try out Ant to build StyleBook, and I didn't want to
install another XML parser in my classpath... Why should I have 4
parsers that do the same exact thing installed? I currently have
OpenXML, Xerces and XML4J... I don't want to add also ProjectX (I'm
lazy!), so, I kicked those classes out. :)


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