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Subject Re: More Ant considerations
Date Tue, 30 Nov 1999 21:45:54 GMT
>  <javadoc [general attributes]>
>   <doclet name="..." [doclet-attributes]/>
>  </javadoc>
> so that in Cocoon we could be able to use the XMLDoclet to generate the
> XML javadoc and process it later on with our XSL stylesheets to keep the
> graphical look & feel the same with the rest of the docs/web site. (not
> ready yet, but people is working on it)
> What do you think?

There are few other places where Tasks will benefit from having childs,
and it is not difficult to add it.

I think the introspection mechanism used by ant to construct Tasks ( and
from XML is a great helper  - it will certainly help Tomcat's server.xml
( Adapters and general server config), plus even Context ( where
deployment can be greatly simplified ).

Some time ago I checked in code to do that - I removed it later because
I didn't want to have "experimental" code in ant.

I think it would be very good to go in that direction - i.e. make the
and "reflexion" code independent of Ant ( the  only dependency right now is

in the creation of Project and Target with new instead of Class.forName()

There is nothing else specific to ant in the introspection code -
of the preference to use DOM or SAX.

If you decide to implement addXXX(), please do it in a generic way ( that
be used outside ant ) - or just use the existing code ( XMLHelper - it
should be
somehere in Attic ).


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