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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
Date Tue, 14 Dec 1999 01:20:24 GMT
akv         99/12/13 17:20:24

  Added:       .        Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
  Initial version of a document describing how to run Tomcat with Apache.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-tomcat/Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
  Index: Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
  Tomcat+Apache HOWTO
     Costin Manolache <>
     Anil Vijendran <>
  $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 1999/12/14 01:20:24 $
  This document describes how to setup Tomcat to run with Apache. For
  now this document describes how to run Tomcat v2.2 M1 with Apache
  Table of Contents
        1. Introduction
        2. Installation
  	 2.1 Apache 1.3.9
  	 2.2 Tomcat v1.0 R1
  	 2.3 Testing Your Configuration
  	 2.4 Adding Contexts
        3. Tested Configurations
        4. More information, feedback, bugs
  1. Introduction
     This document is intended to get you started using Tomcat with
     Apache until we have Apache and Tomcat as one integrated
     release. If you ran into any gotchas while following these
     instructions, please let us know so we can keep this document
     In the rest of the document, we use /path/to/apache-1.3.9 to mean
     the path to the Apache 1.3.9 installation and /path/to/tomcat1.0r1
     to mean the path to the Tomcat 1.0 R1 installation. We will assume
     you are running Apache on the default port (80). 
  2. Installation
     2.1 Apache 1.3.9 
         * Download and install the Apache 1.3.9 binary for your
           platform from 
         * Configure the default HTTP listener port in your
           /path/to/apache-1.3.9/conf/httpd.conf file.
         * Make sure ServerName in /path/to/apache-1.3.9/conf/httpd.conf
           contains the name of your host.
     2.2 Tomcat v1.0 R1
         * Download and install Tomcat v1.0 R1 for your OS/platform from
         * Download mod_jserv for your platform from <os>/<platform>/modules
           and copy it into /path/to/apache-1.3.9/modules.
         * Edit /path/to/apache-1.3.9/conf/httpd.conf and add the
           following line at the end:
             Include /path/to/tomcat1.0r1/etc/tomcat.conf
     2.3 Testing Your Configuration
         * Restart Apache (apachectl restart or Apache -k restart on Win32)
         * Make sure http://<hostname> is working
         * Try http://<hostname>/examples -- you should see the Tomcat
     2.3 Adding Contexts
         There's two different ways you can add contexts to this
  	    * Add to /path/to/tomcat1.0r1/etc/tomcat.conf: 
  	    	    ApJservMount /<context> /root
  	    * restart Apache. 
  	    * Create /path/to/apache-1.3.9/htdocs/<context>
  	    * Install all the files of that context into that
  	    * Make sure /path/to/tomcat1.0r1/server.xml points to
  	    * Add to /path/to/tomcat1.0r1/etc/tomcat.conf:
  	      ApJservMount /<context>/servlet /root 
  	      <Location /CONTEXT/WEB-INF/ >
  	           AllowOverride None
  		   deny from all
  3. Tested Configurations
     Apache 1.3.9 + Tomcat 1.0 R1 has been tested on the following OSes: 
      * Linux (RedHat 6.1) on SPARC and Intel
      * Solaris 2.6 on SPARC
      * Windows NT SP 4
  4. More information, feedback and bugs
     Please send bug reports (both on Tomcat and on this document) to 
     If you tested this on a platform/os that is not listed here, please
     either update this file (if you have CVS commit access on Jakarta)
     or send a note to

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