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From Rajiv Mordani <>
Date Tue, 07 Dec 1999 07:20:38 GMT
Pierpaolo Fumagalli wrote:
> Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> > 
> > > So, get a move to get that four classes out or I'll get mad :) I am
> > > ready to use them in StyleBook, but I CANNOT TEST THEM UNTIL THE R.I. IS
> > > OUT! grrrrrrrrrrr :)
> > 
> > Hang in there... Should be out REAL soon.. btw it is more than just 4
> > classes . It comes with a parser...
> Ok... But let's avoid another "Jakarta" like situation :) (my friends @
> Sun are going to kill me now :_

Jakarta has no relation here.. I guess you are referring to making Project
X available under the Apache license. In that case let's not talk JUST
about  Jakarta here ;). All this is aprt of the learning curve of how to
make these things happen.

> > > Ok, ok... but i am talking about RIGHT NOW, or better, yesterday night,
> > > when I wanted to try out Ant to build StyleBook, and I didn't want to
> > > install another XML parser in my classpath... Why should I have 4
> > > parsers that do the same exact thing installed? I currently have
> > > OpenXML, Xerces and XML4J... I don't want to add also ProjectX (I'm
> > > lazy!), so, I kicked those classes out. :)
> > 
> > Also when you already have 3 why not the 4th ;)... Just kidding.. I know
> > what you mean.... But I am putting the effort into xerces too. I could
> > very easily give the same argument like you above but IMHO it's not that bad
> > having to learn to use more than one parser and especially contribute to them
> > ( yes you could contribute  to Project X by submitting any bug report /
> > feedback about the parser/src to as of now..). Your
> > passion should be for xml technologies and not for a particular implementation
> > of it.. This ofcourse is my opinion about it...
> I perfectly agree that we shouldn't be focused on a particolar
> implementation of a technology, but, after spending 6 months at IBM, I
> feel xerces like a little part of myself, that's why I like it... 

I share the exact same feelings about Project X after being on it for a year
now. ;) but I still manage to control that emotion when people make comments 
like "damn that bloody project x"...;)... 

> > "Kicking" those classes out
> > isn't the solution IMHO... Anyways all these differences will hopefully be
> > solved once we have the JAXP RI out there.. People will have the choice of
> > the parser they want to use without having to change the code..
> When I said "kick those classes out" I was in fact meaning the JAXP RI
> classes, I wasn't talking about the parser...

I don't think so.. See what you wrote above ;)... Anyways I don't really
want to start nit picking so let's just end this here on the good note that
JAXP RI EA1 is out and I have the classes for xerces-J and have even made the 
code changes to ant for that.. (Will soon be doing it for tomcat too) and thus
we don't have to worry about the parser.. You get to use xerces and I get
to use Project X and we both can be happy about using it with Ant and
Tomcat.. ;)...

- Rajiv

P.S. thanks for the feedback on the spec. They are really valuable..

> > As for making Project X  available it's with the legal folks right now.. I am
> > waiting for the new license to come through..
> Great... Looking forward to see it..... :)
> 	Pier

  UNIX _is_ user friendly, 
  he's just very picky about who his friends are.

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