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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] eliminate duplicated code in ant Jar and Zip taskdefs
Date Thu, 30 Dec 1999 07:04:16 GMT
> Right, but if the original code is done as spaces, then I vote to leave it
> as spaces. Mixing spaces and tabs is a bad thing imho.
> Personally, I hate the tabs because it makes the cvs commit email messages
> look like crap in my email client/font selection.
> -jon


I agree that tabs are a pain. In general, I don't use the Sun (and tomcat)
coding style so I was quite careful to make sure it "looked" alright before
I submitted the patch. I used tabs because, from the previous "tab"
discussion, that seemed to be the general feeling (indent 4, tab as

I believe there is also some interaction as to how the various email clients
render tabs. I used Outlook to post this patch. It seems to have inserted
the tabs that were present in my patch correctly but when I read the patch
as sent back from the list, it seems to render them using a tab size of 6. I
think Sam's client may behave differently as may yours. An email attachment
may make more sense for patches but I tend to avoid using attachments on
mailing lists.

When I made these changes I did not check what conventions the file was
currently using. I didn't think developers had to examine each file they
wished to change to see what conventions it is using and then change their
setup to maintain that style? I would prefer a single consistent style :-)

I think much of this angst stems from the fact that the use of tabs or
spaces is unspecified in the coding style. Unspecified behaviour is not
really the Java way :-) My preference would be to specify this behaviour by
eliminating tabs altogether.



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