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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject omission of items attribute in jar taskdef (ant)
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 14:39:52 GMT

I think there was a change recently to make sure the lack of an items
attribute in the jar taskdef did not cause a NullPointerException. The
solution was to always create the items Vector.

That's fine, but I was wondering if we could give some behaviour to the
omission of an items attribute that was useful - specifically the inclusion
of all files/directories contained in the basedir. If you were to use ant to
create the WAR file example in the servlet spec, then you would need an
items attribute like this

items="index.html, howto.jsp, feedback.jsp, images, WEB-INF"

As you can see the more files you have in the root directory, the more
cumbersome the items attribute will become and the more difficult it will be
to keep in sync with the actual files. This is the reason I would like to
have the above behaviour. If this is desirable, it can be detected as either
a null items variable or an empty items Vector, unless we want to
distinguish these two conditions.

If this is desirable, I am happy to code it.


Conor MacNeill
M64 Pty Limited

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