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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Re:Release Date?
Date Thu, 09 Dec 1999 02:45:35 GMT

I may have been wrong in my last message when I stated that the Java 2
Enterprise Edition uses JWSDK1.0.

The documentation that I read indicates that the reference implementation for
the Java 2 Enterprise Edition is for non-commercial use and uses the
JavaWebServer product in its implementation. The last release of the
JavaWebServer product (2.0) conforms to the Servlet 2.1 spec, not the 2.2 one.

Does the reference implementation for Java 2 Enterprise Edition use an updated
JavaWebServer implementation, or is it based on some version of the core from
JWSDK used in TomCat?

Also, the press release indicates that sources will be available for the
Enterprise Edition in January 2000. Does this include sources for the reference
implementation which includes a servlet container implementation?

Thirdly, Is the estimate for the final release of TomCat on the TomCat home page
by the end of 1999 still accurate? There are only 23 days left until that time.

Am I the only one who is confused?

Any answers that can be discussed in this forum would be appreciated.


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Subject:    Release Date?
Date:       12/8/99 5:35 PM

Sun announced the final release of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition today. The
press release indicates that binaries will be available December 17, and sources
sometime in January 2000.

Java 2 Enterprise Edition says it includes Servlet 2.2 final support, but the
beta from September uses the JWSDK1.0 with Servlet 2.1 support.

Does all this mean that some version of Tomcat will ship with the final
Enterprise Edition binaries later this month?

If not, what servlet container will be included in the Enterprise Edition
release? The date indicated is only 9 days from now and Tomcat does not look
finished to me. What am I missing?


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