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From "Danno Ferrin" <>
Subject JSP1.1pr2 sec 5.7.3 and the handling of thrown errors
Date Sat, 13 Nov 1999 21:59:39 GMT
5.7.3 specifies that a JspError can be thrown by a taghandler class can thrown by a taghandler
if there is some sort of error at action time is discovered.  This section also states it
is either the page itself or the errorPage directive that will  handle this exception.

The compiler is currently written tightly around taglibs to make all errors loudly ignored.
 These sections are wrapped in catch (Throwable t) try blocks.  

Solutions are either to get rid of the try blocks (static typing would guarantee all exceptions
being thrown out are of type Error, RuntimeException, or JspError) or to add in front of the
catch (Throwable t) sections a block catch (JspError je) {throw je;}, which would still trip
the finally block but still let it be thrown out of the page.  The first solution also has
the side effect of solving the verifier error as well.

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