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Subject Re: DefaultServlet path checks
Date Thu, 11 Nov 1999 23:45:41 GMT

>i believe the file path comparison stuff your having problems
>with is a win/jsk1.1.x issue. can you try running on jdk 1.2.x
>to confirm?

I take it from this that few, if any, of the core developers use win/jdk1.1
as a primary platform.

I presume that it is desirable to support jdk1.1?  If so, there would be
value in me being contrary and attempting to push onward in an attempt to
flush out more of the bug fixes required to get this to work.

>further, there is s sprinkling of util.FilePathPatch() code
>throughout tomcat to take care of this problem on win/jdk1.1.x
>but it is possible that all cases are not covered and further
>this patch actually mucks with a security check in one area.

The problem is that File[Path]Util can't cope with what is being thrown at
it.  At this point, there is a leading slash *and* a drive specification.
If someone with commit authority will agree that this is the right place to
make the fix, I'll develop and test a patch for this function.

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