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From Roland Turner <>
Subject Oops. Suggestion for list expander configuration.
Date Fri, 26 Nov 1999 15:26:53 GMT
I wrote:

> wrote:
> > Why not just install a security manager before calling Javadoc....
> I don't believe it. I've just subscribed to tomcat-dev, and the first
> name that I see is a blast from the past.

Ah, Reply-To: header, most amusing. Naturally I had intended this to be
a private reply...

Might I suggest, in order to adhere to the principal of least
astonishment,that the Reply-To: header be removed from the list
expansion? Needless to say, I have already reconfigured my mail filters
to remove it upon receipt, but for the benefit of others, like myself,
who are new to this list and its particular configuration, this might be
a Good Thing.

Either way, my apologies for not paying attention.

- Raz

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