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From Stephane Boisson <>
Subject Re: error parsing custom tags without body
Date Thu, 25 Nov 1999 13:18:17 GMT
Brush John wrotet :

> I've been playing around with custom tags, and I've noticed an inexplicable
> error when parsing custom tags that have an empty body, if the "empty body"
> does not consist of at least one whitespace. Basically this works:
> <prefix:myTag>
> </prefix:myTag>
> and this works:
> <prefix:myTag> </prefix:myTag>
> but this doesn't
> <prefix:myTag></prefix:myTag>

I got the same problems, even with something like <prefix:myTag />
But it will work for every case if you turn off JVM verification for Tomcat by
adding the option -Xverify:none to the java command line (this is the option
for Java 2).
But that still looks to me like a strange bug (tomcat or tag code?)


St├ęphane Boisson

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