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From David Brownell <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Tomcat on EBCDIC machines...
Date Sat, 20 Nov 1999 06:02:24 GMT
"Preston L. Bannister" wrote:
> There is also an issue with the *.xml and *.dtd files needing
> to be ASCII (awkward) or edited (to specify EBCDIC).

And what is that issue?  XML has specified defaults, and if for
some reason Tomcat tries to change that it'll violate a pretty
basic web standard.

Anyone shipping a Tomcat-based configuration is permitted to
transcode files, so long as they do it correctly (and provide
a proper declaration of anything that's not UTF-8, UTF-16, or
ASCII ... ASCII being the 7 bit subset of UTF-8).

If somehow you're getting the text files automatically transcoded
via CVS or something, that's a bug.  XML files must not be
transcoded like that.

- Dave

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