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From Michal Mosiewicz <>
Subject Re: Connector -- Context Manager relation
Date Tue, 09 Nov 1999 12:50:27 GMT wrote:
> [...]
> About "Host" - what's the meaning of "host" in terms of servlet api, and why
> is it needed? Right now we have the server singleton ( == a tomcat engine instance,
> ContextManger ), and we have Contexts. It is up to ContextManager ( with help
> from Adapter and maybe Interceptors ) to find the right context and invoke service.
> I don't see a need to add a "virtual host" concept into this picture 

As you remember I never liked vhost concept implementations. But still -
if we have the same engine shared for several web servers (we may call
them vhosts), the engine should be able to configure contexts
differently depending on the vhost. I'm not suggesting any specific
implementation, I'm not saying that a class is needed, but I'm just
missing something from this picture.

-- Mike

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