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Subject Re: Connector -- Context Manager relation
Date Tue, 09 Nov 1999 02:09:14 GMT
> One question would be if there should be something in between the Connector and
> Host layers that filters all incoming requests.  An advantage of this approach is
> that you could install Interceptor type logic at any or all of the levels (entire
> servlet engine, host, context, or wrapper) depending on your needs.

It is a very  good ideea - the Interceptor behavior is very similar with Apache
modules, i.e. it pre-process the request_rec in various ways.

That may make the code cleaner and easier to follow - we can have a Interceptors
that parse the request line and extract vhost/context ( and fix the paths),

About "Host" - what's the meaning of "host" in terms of servlet api, and why
is it needed? Right now we have the server singleton ( == a tomcat engine instance,
ContextManger ), and we have Contexts. It is up to ContextManager ( with help
from Adapter and maybe Interceptors ) to find the right context and invoke service.
I don't see a need to add a "virtual host" concept into this picture ( as a class
with this
name,  the logic is already inside the ContextManager code ).
( this also avoids the discussion about "can a Context be shared across multiple
hosts" :-)


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