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From Michal Mosiewicz <>
Subject Connector code
Date Sat, 06 Nov 1999 12:56:51 GMT
Few things I have noticed:

1. It matters where module record is placed. It takes it's identifier
from __FILE__, so if there are multiple modules they cannot share the
same "module_c.c" name. This name is used with commands like AddModule,
so it is better if it is follows module name.

2. It seems to me that it's a bug in Apache,

This function only returns mconfig, in case where is no such, it could
probably return sconfig. This the reason that add_host() dumps core
becouse it is passed a null config.

Anyhow - something like this would help
 static const char *add_host(cmd_parms *cmd, void *module_c, char *name,
char *arg1, char *arg2)
     /* XXX !!! Error checking - return real message since it's a config
     Connector *rpm=(Connector *)module_c;
+    if( rpm == NULL ) {
+      rpm = (Connector *)
ap_get_module_config(cmd->server->module_config, &CONNECTOR_MODULE);
+    }

I also attach the patch I had to apply to get ajp23 working (patch is
made against jakarta-tomcat/src/share/ module). I'm not sure if it is
really correct, but it at least works for me. Basically the only problem
was that BuffTool was unable to deal with null strings, and
BufferedOutputStream threw some NPEs on me.

-- Mike
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