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From Tom Seago <>
Subject Re: Patch for Jasper for current JServ
Date Wed, 03 Nov 1999 01:00:12 GMT
"Anil K. Vijendran" wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Good work there. I'm reminded of me trying to get JSP run on JServ long time back (JSWDK
> EA2). It was such a mess.
> I guess I'd like to be convinced why this is a useful thing. It is only a matter of a
month or so before
> we can have a decent (by decent I mean release quality) servlet (2.2) engine and jsp
engine running
> on apache. Also Servlet 2.0 is ways back and catching things like NoSuchMethodError only
> the code cluttered and quite unmaintainable.
> There's also some JSP standard actions that won't work without RequestDispatcher. Need
> fancy workarounds for those.
> Thanks.

I'm sure many of the other people who are pushing this project forward
share your same questions.  This patch is not for those people :)  This
is much more about people who need a "right now", open source solution
to at least get started with.  This is a boat which I find myself in,
ergo the patch.  You're right that things based on RequestDispatcher
won't work without at least the 2.1 API.  Again, the idea is this more
of a bandaid patch to get things mostly working.  Without doing things
this way, people building websites based on open source solutions at the
moment either are forced to use the tomcat webserver for their dynamic
pages (thus losing all the features of Apache) or forced to use a 0.92
implementation of JSP's (a not good thing) or forced to wait a month (=
forever in internet time :).  I won't try to convince you that any of
these things make this a "there is no way the project can continue
without this" patch, it's just a "this fixes things for a couple of
people and doesn't _really_ get in the way of other people".

					(-: Tom ;-)

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