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From Tom Seago <>
Subject Patch for Jasper for current JServ
Date Tue, 02 Nov 1999 19:02:38 GMT
In the interest of using the Jasper engine with the current JServ code,
I'v patched it to do reasonable things when it encounters
NoSuchMethodErrors rather than just blowing up.  Generally this means it
blows up in a predicatable/more friendly manner, but heh, that's
something.  Actually there were a couple of items that made things
unusable, but that's fixed.

One caveat of this approach is that JServ wasn't dealing with
getRealPath stuff well, so rather than modifying JServ, I added a
"realpath" init parameter that can be used to specify the base of the
directory hierarchy to locate the source for JSP pages (ie. the .jsp
files not the .java files).  I know this isn't ideal but it will work
for the next month or so until Jakarata is fully ready to go.

On a BTW note - did you know that if you call loadClass(null) with the
preV2 Blackdown JVM for Linux, it will dump core?  Fix is - don't do
that :)

If someone feels like CVS'ing this patch, that would be create.  All of
the changes deal with exceptional cases (such as NoSuchMethodErrors) not
the normal case.

					(-: Tom ;-)
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