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From "Brett McLaughlin" <>
Subject Re: ContextPath, ServletPath and backwards compatibility
Date Thu, 18 Nov 1999 21:31:11 GMT
>  > 2) This (in Turbine) is done once, at the initial servlet call, then
>  > The whole reason for caching is, quite frankly, to hide the code of
>  > and time-consuming behaviour, so this isn't too bad either.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this.  It appears to me that every page
> request through Turbine will execute this code.  It even says as much
> in the comments:
>         // Create a new RunData object. This object caches all
>         // the information that is needed for the execution lifetime
>         // of a single request. A new RunData object is created for
>         // each and every request and is passed to each and every
>         // module. Since each thread has its own RunData object,
>         // it is not necessary to perform syncronization for the
>         // data within this object.
> Jay

Uggh... I should have stayed in bed instead of working last night :)  You
are right, and I totally disagree with that being done the way it is.  That
is information that doesn't change, and should be held on to.  I am (being
bad) and cross posting this to the Turbine list.  There isn't a good reason
to reload _all_ of that - there is for some, but I think things like this
should be pulled back a layer, and only changed if needed.... comments?  or
am I asleep at the wheel again?


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