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From Andreas Schäfer <>
Subject CVS Problem
Date Sun, 21 Nov 1999 07:52:07 GMT

I tried to checkout Jakarta - Watchdog project from CVS and got the following error message
(jCVS II):

cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/bin
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp/META-INF
cvs server: Updating jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp/client

Short response, no status response from server.

U jakarta-watchdog/README
U jakarta-watchdog/build.bat
U jakarta-watchdog/
U jakarta-watchdog/build.xml
U jakarta-watchdog/src/bin/runclient.bat
U jakarta-watchdog/src/bin/
U jakarta-watchdog/src/bin/runtest.bat
U jakarta-watchdog/src/bin/
U jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
U jakarta-watchdog/src/clients/org/apache/jcheck/jsp/client/.:

** The command completed with an error status.

This is NOT a major problem but I cannot add this project to my workspace in jCVS.

Bye-bye Andy

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