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From "James Davidson" <>
Subject Standalone Builds
Date Tue, 09 Nov 1999 10:39:07 GMT
This message was generated by the new build scripts I've put into place. The
nightly builds are located at:

Currently, I've only got the unix build in place for Tomcat standalone. It's
packaged up in both compressed 'Z' and gzip'd 'gz' formats

 Name                                     Last modified       Size
 Parent Directory                         14-Oct-1999 03:46      -
 tomcat-1999-11-09-sparc-sol-7-jdk117.log 09-Nov-1999 02:23    14k
 tomcat-1999-11-09.tar.Z                  09-Nov-1999 02:23   1.4M
 tomcat-1999-11-09.tar.gz                 09-Nov-1999 02:20   906k

Soon, this will be joined by a Windows .zip file which will have been built
and tested on windows (along with a tomcat-*-intel-nt-4-jdk118.log file)
(and which has it's text files in CR/LF instead of Unix format!). And after
that, we'll get build logs from other platforms -- and other JDK versions.

For the time being, you'll get emails of the .log files to tomcat-dev. Once
the builds are in place, we'll hack together some sort of script that will
go through and do a single concise report for all the builds. Patience.. :)

Oh, and if everything goes well tonight, you'll see one more copy of the
build log -- this will be the normal cron job firing off and doing the
build/notify cycle.


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> Build: 1999-11-09
> Platform: SunOS tokyo 5.7 Generic_106541-06 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1

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