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From "Preston L. Bannister" <>
Subject RE: CVS question
Date Thu, 25 Nov 1999 16:28:18 GMT
From: Rob Nikander []
> I already have the source because I downloaded jakarta-tomcat and jakarta-tools from
the web.
> Does that mean I really just want to do a "cvs update."

This could have worked... but it looks like whomever is creating the TAR file has a different
path to CVS than you and I.

Empty out the directory ("rm -rf *") before running the CVS checkout.  After the initial checkout
you will be able to just run CVS

To whomever is creating the TAR file:
If you checkout Tomcat from CVS using the public path, then what Rob tried will work.  Should
cut the load on the CVS server (which
seems a tad slow for some reason) somewhat.

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