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Subject Multiple languages for Jasper
Date Tue, 19 Oct 1999 01:42:29 GMT

I'd like to start work on implementing multiple language support for

My main interest is in NetRexx support, but i'll assume lots of other
people will want other stuff, and we should take this into consideration.

One of the IBM people working on BSF popped up on the general list and
offered to integrate it into Jakarta, but I'll need that explained before I
understand how it will work.

My proposal:
     Parse the .jsp into an intermediate, language independent XML
     Use configuration parameters to decide which class is used to compile
a page for a given language
     Each class needs to parse the XML intermediate doc, (generate source &
compile if needed) to produce a class file.

As a first cut, I think we should reimplement the java code generation to
use this framework.

Things to think about:
     * Is XML a good choice? What about a bean instead?
     * What config info is needed on the engine side?
     * How about interpreted languages (like Javascript)?

As a sample for the XML document:

     <jsp:useBean id="connection" class="com.myco.myapp.Connection">
          <jsp:setProperty name="connection" property="timeout" value="33">
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
I'm presenting at the Java Programming Conference
"Colorado Software Summit" this year, see you there!

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