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Subject Re: Multiple languages for Jasper
Date Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:17:31 GMT
Some comments:

"* is modified to allow attributes to be passed on
declaration, expression, and scriptlet methods.  In particular, a language
attribute is looked for."

Hmmmm....why deviate from the current spec @ this point? I'm just as happy
to leave the language tag at the page level, at least until the spec can be 2c is on a spec compliant change...

"* is modified to scan for attributes on the declaration,
expression, and scriptlet tags."

Not needed if we stay with the spec.

"* has these same three methods modified to say
essence "if language equals java, do what is done today, else call
bsfBlockHandler."  Minor other changes are made to declare objects that BSF
uses, etc."

I'd much rather we left JspParseEventListener alone, as it works well :),
and use another parse event listener in the compiler that has a list of the
languages available, e.g. use a BSFParseEventListener similar to a
DelegatingListener that once the page language is determined, delegates to
a specific ParseEventListener like JspParseEventListener. The only problem
I can see with this is that directives can come anywhere in the page. But
since all real code generation is currently done in endPageProcessing, what
the heck.

"* is introduced to do the interfacing to BSF."

Sounds good....what about various options to the compiler, for example
OPTIONS BINARY? I don't think the spec allows for this unless you include
it in the info directive :( bad :(

Can you tell me what objects the javascript code in a scriptlet has access
to? Is the assumption that the generated JSP is a bean??

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
I'm presenting at the Java Programming Conference
"Colorado Software Summit" this year, see you there!

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