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From jon * <>
Subject Re: cvswrappers
Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 20:12:02 GMT
on 10/21/99 1:06 PM, Scott Stirling <> wrote:

> What about the dos2unix util?  Standard on RedHat Linux.

you can't do automatic code conversion stuff because then the server source
code would be different than what you checked in and you would get all sorts
of CVS up-to-date errors.

the commitinfo gets executed *before* the checkin happens and has the power
to make a commit fail with a nice error message. this would prevent you from
putting something bad in in the first place.

the code that needs to be written is a simple perl script that would parse
the data in the file, check for errors and return a result (0) or error.

btw, i think it is great that is participating
here because last time i talked to tommy (at javaone), he wasn't interested
in jakarta and felt that he could do a better implementation of both the
servlet engine and jsp engine. (whatever).


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