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Subject Re: BSF released with full source and royalty-free license
Date Tue, 26 Oct 1999 17:10:09 GMT

I would be in favour of making the BSF code as part of our IBM donation to
tomcat/jakarta.   There are multiple packages where BSF could be used, but
tomcat is most logical because it is the core that all the other packages
run on.  (I assume the XML project will pre-req at least a servlet engine).
If we could work out legistics, I would like to see it in the core ASF Java
project...  Also, What's the status of making it a Java JSR?


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Subject:  Re: BSF released with full source and royalty-free license

>> What's the verdict on using something like BSF in tomcat to implement
>> multiple langs? BSF currently supports JavaScript, NetRexx, Jacl,
>I personaly think BSF is great, and I would love to have it part of tomcat

I guess the key question is, is it legit to check in code in another
Java package? BSF is not (yet) an open-source development model; so the
code would in essence be a read-only snapshot. However, Sam Ruby and I
are on these lists too so if there's any issue that gets fixed here it
will clearly get reflected in our own CVS tree as well.

>Any work on supporting Perl ? (using some JNI - the latest perl has
>a Java wrapper )

Yep, its in progress.


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