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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject A Release Plan?
Date Wed, 27 Oct 1999 00:39:54 GMT
Hi all,

I know we're having a fun right now with the Tomcat code. I think it
would be really cool if we can also have a release plan in place so that
people can start using it without having to get at the source code. In
fact I suspect there would be more people interested to become
committers once they start using this stuff. Here's an initial list of
considerations. My thoughts are in parenthesis.

  1. When do we want to make the first release happen? (2-4 weeks from
  2. How frequently do we have releases?
  3. Do we have milestones between releases?
  4. Would the Apache+Tomcat releases be made as frequently as Tomcat
  5. What do we call the first release? (Some alternatives I've heard
     before: Tomcat 1.0, Tomcat 1.1, Tomcat 2.2, Tomcat 2000?)
  6. What kind of "features" are we looking at for this release?
     (Servlet 2.2, JSP 1.1 compliance)
  7. How do we track and resolve problem reports?
  8. What are the platforms we can commit to testing Tomcat on? (Other
     than Solaris, NT and Linux that is...)
  9. What kind of documentation are you guys thinking would be
       1. FAQ
       2. Install guide
       3. Release notes (with Change Log)
       4. More samples?

Please feel free to add more stuff to this list...

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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